Leatherette (car upholstery)

PVC Leatherette (car upholstery)

Colours: Anthracite grey/black, grey, beige, brown

Width: 150/175 cm

Weight: 700 gr/m2

Stock:  87000 kg - Regular available throughout the year

Price on request

Coated fabrics

PU coated fabrics for protective clothing and mattress protectors

Width 150 > 220 cm

assorted colours

Regular available in rolls and coupons

6000 kg in stock

Price on request

PVC coated/Sports mats

Sports mats on rolls / PVC one side cooted

Quality: PVC Coated fabrics

Width: 140 cm

colours; yellow, orange, red, blue, grey, green, black.

stock: 28000 kgs (regular available througout the year)

For export outside europe only, under our supervision.

Price on request

pvc leather for upholstery/bags

PVC Leatherette for upholstery and bags

Price on request